Over the years Fitatsea has been involved in a number of large new-build and dry-dock projects. A few of these projects are described below. We also specialize in supplying goods to your entire fleet.

We recently installed the “Fit at Sea” lockers and we are expecting the same quality as our previous inferior lockers, but to our astonishment, it was a great product. For spare parts, stationeries or anything that needs for storing, these lockers are highly recommended. 

Côte Des Dunes and Côte Des Flandres are two new ships launched on the route between Dover and Calais in February 2016. Both vessels were fully refurbished and renovated in January 2016 and can accommodate 1,500 passengers and 400 cars.

With a production capacity of 63,000 barrels of oil per day, FPSO Petrojarl Knarr is one of Teekay’s largest FPSO projects to date. Its internal turret allows the vessel to freely rotate 360 degrees and ensures it’s always facing the rough weather present in the North Sea.

The Safe Notos is an advanced and flexible unit for worldwide operations excluding Norway. The Safe Notos is a Gusto MSC’s Ocean 500 design semi-submersible accommodation vessel and was built at COSCO (Qidong) Offshore Co. Ltd. Prosafe took delivery in February 2016.

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