Edda Wind

Edda Wind

FitatSea B.V. takes immense pride in being a valued partner of the esteemed Østensjø Rederi group. We are honored to have been chosen as the supplier of fitness equipment, galley items, housekeeping items, bedding equipment, mattresses and leisure items for all EDDA WIND newbuilds while also being the preferred supplier for these product groups to the rest of the fleet.

Following an intense exercise session, every crew member can look forward to a restful night’s sleep on our handmade pocket spring mattresses and bedding items, fully compliant with wheel marking standards, ensuring comfort and safety on board.

FitatSea B.V. has not only been entrusted with outfitting the gymnasiums, providing bedding solutions, and supplying water dispensers for all these newbuilds. For this monumental project, we have also curated a tailored selection of Galley & Housekeeping equipment where we have worked out a full galley and housekeeping assortment that we implement on all newbuilds, this way the whole fleet will be equipped with the same items.

Together, we are committed to enhancing the well-being and comfort of crew members across the entire Edda Wind fleet.

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We proudly received our ISO14001 certification in 2020, which shows that, as a company, we consider sustainability to be of paramount importance and that we also have our management system in order.


Over the years Fitatsea has been involved in a number of large new-build and dry-dock projects. A few of these projects are described below. We also specialize in supplying goods to your entire fleet.

About Us

FitatSea is an experienced company with a young mind that was initiated in 2009 by two experienced suppliers of the shipping industry and offshore market.