Toorx MSX-300 Multi Gym

The new Toorx MSX-300 Gym is the showpiece of the Toorx MSX line. Innovation and quality come together in this premium model. As the newest member of our prestigious Chrono Line, this advanced multigym raises the standard of multi-function stations to unprecedented heights.


  1. Complete Workout Variety: The MSX-300 offers an extensive variety of exercises that target all muscle groups. Whether you are training for strength, endurance or muscle definition, this gym has everything you need.
  2. Elegant Design: The MSX-300’s streamlined design is highlighted by the flat oval tubes with generous dimensions, bringing out not only its functionality but also its aesthetics.
  3. Premium Construction: With refined construction details and a robust steel frame, the MSX-300 offers durability and stability during every training session. Full protective covers around the 100kg weight stack ensure safety and peace of mind.
  4. Options for Expansion: For added versatility, the MSX-300 can be expanded with a dedicated leg press including dedicated seat (optionally available), expanding your training options even further.

Possible exercises, oa: triceps, abdominal crunch, leg extension, high pull AB crunch, tricep push-down, lat pull down, biceps, seated press bar row, seated pulley row, front press, leg kick back, seated shoulder press, upright row, standing leg curl, arm curl etc.

Included Accessories: 1x Triceps bar, 1x Triceps rope, 2 multi-adjustable handles, ankle cuff and instruction booklet.



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