Maritime water test kit

For compliance with MLC and NIPH guidelines and safe water on board

Potable water is used in various ways on board ships, including direct human consumption, food preparation and sanitation/hygiene activities. Evidently, good and safe drinking water is essential on board. However, the purity of potable water on board of ships cannot always be taken for granted. This basic test kit is suitable for monitoring the common parameters onboard. All tests are delivered in a robust
and compact case including manual and instructions. Test frequencies will differ per flag state/countries. Depending on authority and flag state optional tests may be required.

Download Leaflet Maritime Water test Kit




Chlorine / Hadex test kit

The Chlorine/Hadex Comparator included in this test kit is a compact, handy and colorimetric unit to measure the amount of available chlorine/Hadex in your potable water.

pH test strips

100 fix strips for accurate measurement.

Conductivity meter

The conductivity meter is a compact, easy to use handheld meter for measurement of conductivity.

Temperature meter

The ‘HWTEMP-MINI’ is a waterproof thermometer which offers handy, practical and strong support when carrying out temperature measurements.

Hardness test kit

The test kit contains a vial and reagent to determine water hardness by drop count titration.

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