WaterLab MLC – Drink water test kit

For compliance with MLC and NIPH guidelines and safe water on board

The ship relies on potable water for various purposes such as direct consumption by humans, food preperation and sanitation/ hygiene activities.

It’s crucial to ensure that the drinking water on board is of high quality and safe for consumption.

However, the quality of potable water cannot always be guaranteed on board.

Our comprehensive WATERLAB drinking watertest kit MLC is designed for monitoring with simple and practical tests, to determine the water quality on-site.

Additional it serves as an essential tool it further investigation is needed. The MLC test kit comes in a durable and compact case, complete with a manual and instructions for easy use.

Download Leaflet Maritime water test kit 2023 


 (Digital) measurement of:

  • Hadex
  •  pH
  •  Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Total Hardness

  • Monitor and Manage your results
  • Accurate, reproducible results
  • Digital measurements
  • Compact hand-held design
  • Bluetooth equipped
  • Automatic switch-on/off
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Fixed but changeable cuvette
  • Professional quality

  • Temperature 0 – 100°C
  • pH 0 – 14
  • Conductivity 0 – 2000μS/cm 
  • Hardness 0 – 200 mg/l CaCo3 or (°dH)
  •  Hadex 0 – 6 mg/l Spare parts (included) 
  • Reagentia 0 – 6 mg/l
  • Conductivity 0 – 2000 μS/cm
  • 100 pH measurement strips

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