Inspire incline/decline Bench incl Leg extension and Preacher curl

Both the seat and back of the sofa are extremely wide and feature thick premium upholstery. The high quality of the upholstery makes it easy to clean, and will not stink. The seat is easily adjustable with the built-in levers. The bench features 5 different backrest positions and 2 different seat positions, and is designed for heavy-duty use up to 270 kg. The casters make the workout bench easy to move around. You will not easily find a scratch as it is well protected with powder coating which protects the bench from scratches.

The Inspire Preacher Curl attachment is the perfect addition to your FT2 workout bench. The armrest and bar catch can be adjusted to fit any arm length. Take a seat on the extra-wide cushion, ergonomically position your arms on the bench and you are ready to begin your targeted biceps workout! The Inspure curl pult is a thoughtful, high-quality device for isolated fitness studio-level bicep training.

The Inspire Leg Curl / Extension Attachment connects to Inspire workout benches. Use the attachment to comfortably perform leg extensions or leg curls. The built-in weight horn allows you to add weight plates (50mm) for added resistance.


  • IMPA code: 110112
  • FIT code: 103956

  Download Leaflet: Inspire Bench incl


The seat and back are extremely wide and feature thick premium upholstery for ultimate comfort. The high quality faux leather upholstery makes it easy to clean and won’t stink after frequent use.

Place the seat in your favorite position within seconds with the built-in quick-adjust levers. The system provides you with 5 different backrest positions and 2 different seat positions. Both designed to accommodate very heavy use. You can easily move the workout bench around the house because of the transport wheels. The powder coated finish protects the bench from scratches.

An overview of specifications:

  • Maximum load: 270 kg
  • Backrest adjustment: 5 positions (flat and incline)
  • Seat adjustment: 2 positions
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • Dimensions when assembled (L x W x H in cm): 147 x 62 x 50 to 118
  • Net weight: 27 kg
  • Dimensions in box (L x W x H in cm): 142 x 45 x 23
  • Gross weight: 30.80 kg

The set comes with a handy storage feature for when you don’t use 1 of the 2 attachments that it doesn’t get lying around.

Build Up Size Lxwxh


Maximum User Weight

Impa Code

Fit Code

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