Finnlo Autark 1500 Multi Gym

The AUTARK 1500 multi gym ensures professional entry-level strength training. Butterflies, lat pulldown and rowing exercises are possible with this machine as well as numerous crunches and cable variants. Unlike other multi gyms the AUTARK 1500 is a professional device for comprehensive leg muscle training including squats and leg curls. In addition, a triceps rope is integrated, so you can train more effectively.

  • IMPA code: 110111
  • FIT code: 942054

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The same applies to the butterfly lever arm, whose angle is adjustable in 5 positions and thus allows variations.

The heart of the AUTARK 1500 is a 80kg weight block, which is divided into 16 slices of 5kg and is easily adjustable. Take place on the ergonomically shaped pads, of which back and seat height can be adjusted vertically and allow perfect ergonomics training. For this purpose, this multi gym is characterized by a stable tubular steel frame and ball bearings. Optionally, the AUTARK 1500 can be upgraded with 20kg.

The Finnlo Autark 1500 is the base for following upgrades:

  • Supplemental weights 20 kg
  • Finnlo Autark 2200: with additional Cable Tower
  • Finnlo Autark 2500: with additional Leg Press


Maximum User Weight

Build Up Size Lxwxh


Impa Code

Fit Code

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