Facemask KN95 (FFP2)

Ideal facemask to use in a working environment, gives you great protection, breaths easily and is comfortable to wear.

• Filters out 95% of all air contaminants.

• Microfiber material

• Triple layer

• KN95 (FFP2) certificate included


Why FFP2?

Classifications require the following results:

  • FFP1 or FMP1 = Filtration: 80% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 22% maximum
  • FFP2 or FMP2 = Filtration: 94% minimum. Inward leakage rate: 8% maximum
  • FFP3 or FMP3 = Filtration: 98% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 2% maximum

The FFP2 mask is the most popular mask ideal when working behind a desk or sitting still, when doing heavy work where you need to move around a lot we suggest the FFP1 mask.


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