Facemask blue (FFP1)

Facemask blue type II – Ideal facemask to use in a working environment, gives you great protection, breaths easily and is comfortable to wear.

• Made following EN norm, CE & TUV certificate included.
• Triple layer filtration
• 97% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
• No glassfiber of latex
• Water resistant

Why FFP1?

Classifications require the following results:

  • FFP1 or FMP1 = Filtration: 80% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 22% maximum
  • FFP2 or FMP2 = Filtration: 94% minimum. Inward leakage rate: 8% maximum
  • FFP3 or FMP3 = Filtration: 98% minimum. Internal leakage rate: 2% maximum

Level P1 guarantees a very high level of filtration efficiency while remaining a good breathing comfort.

It allows its users to make a physical effort while providing them with a very high protection. While P2 and P3 levels will not allow the user to breathe properly during exercise. The breathing resistances being too high for level P2 and P3, the user will have the feeling of suffocation during the effort, even moderate.


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