Climbing Rack

The Climbing Rack comes in a size of 210 x 80 cm and is the ideal training aide for fitness rooms. It is often called Wall Bar as well. The rungs lie comfortably in the hands when grasping. The rungs are made of European Redwood (pine). The wall bars can be used for various exercises for force, strength endurance and stability or it can be used in combination with floor exercises.

  • IMPA code: 110126
  • FIT code: 100010

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This climbing rack follows a simple, conventional way to improve strength in your back, arms, shoulders and core muscles by simply climbing up the rack in repetition, the rack can also help to loosen the spine, shoulder and hip joints by hanging from the wooden cross beam at the top that is positioned further forward away from the rest to place you away from the wall. The climbing rack is available in several lengths and widths and also comes with the necessary components to hang it up too, a fine piece of equipment for increasing natural upper body strength.

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