Carrom Game Set

Backgammon is an exciting board game for two players. It has simple rules and you can start your first game right away.

  • IMPA code: 110416
  • FIT code: 100204

Carrom is a game similar to pool billiards. To play this game you need both technical and strategic skills. In the beginning, all playing pieces are placed, in a certain position, in the middle of the game board. Each player tries to make his/her playing pieces disappear into one of the holes in the corners of the board. To do this, use the attacking stone from the base line and shoot with your finger. Your turn remains as long as you shoot the piece into the holes. If you miss you will be the next player.
The winner is the one who first shoots his own coloured pieces into the holes.


  • 2 to 4 players
  • Including Carrom play pieces and striker
  • Frame game board beech wood
  • Playfield MDF with beech look
  • Two-tone playfield black and red
  • Playing field size 730 x 730 x 8mm
  • Playboard of 820 x 820 x 30mm
  • Weight: 6,1 kg

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