Bremshey Power Band Set (5pcs)

With the Power Band you can make any workout more challenging. For example, attach the resistance band to a barbell while performing squats, so that you have to give a greater effort. It is also possible to put the power band around your legs or arms and get to work on various muscle-strengthening exercises. As the band stretches, more resistance is created and the exercise becomes harder.



The benefits of the Power Band – Resistance Band
Perfect for muscle development of the legs, hips and arms and to improve flexibility
Flexible, durable and does not break or deform
Makes exercises heavier for a more intensive work-out
Ideal for home or gym use

Resistance Indication:
Orange: Extra light, 13mm, 2-15kg
Yellow: Light, 22mm, 5-20kg
Green: Medium, 29mm, 10-35kg
Blue: Heavy, 44mm, 20-55kg
Black: Extra Heavy, 64mm, 25-65kg

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