Discover professional Boxing items on board!


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Discover professional Boxing items on board!

Boxing Gloves
The Boxing Gloves are made out of A-quality leather and had an “Ergo Cuff” wrist stability system for optimal protection and comfort. Your hands will stay dry and free of odour due to the anti microbiological parts and the temperature of the hand will be regulated.

Standing Boxing Bag
The standing punching bag is very solid and consists of low-maintenance PU material. You can train every hit and kick combinations 1 on 1 with the standing punching bag thanks to the large targets. It provides you with a new way of training for both professionals and beginners. The highly durable material can absorb blows up to 250 kg.

Boxing Bag
Premium boxing equipment for ambitious punching bag training. 120 up to 150 cm quality artificial leather for hard, professional workout sequences on board.