Body-Solid Powerline GVKR60

The GVKR60 by Body-Solid is designed for intensive abdominal training without the nasty pains and discomfort in the lower back muscles. Vertical Knee Raise machines are hard to beat when it comes to making the waist slimmer and tighter. The easy step-up ensures that you can start training immediately.

FIT code: 942159

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The Body-Solid GVKR60 Vertical Knee Raise & Dip features thick, comfortable DuraFirm™ padding for added comfort and support during heavy abdominal workouts. The dip station features oversized handles to maximize stress on the triceps, shoulders and lower chest muscles until the very last repetition.

The solid steel base frame with square welded construction makes this versatile unit extremely stable and suitable for a lifetime of use.

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