Barbell Bar Collars

Depending on your bar, you have several options to lock the weights on your bar.
– Screw Collars Ø 30 mm
– Clip Collars Ø 30 mm & Ø 50 mm
– Olympic Spring Collars Ø 50 mm
– Olympic Lock Jaw Collar Pro Ø 50 mm

  • IMPA Code: 110121

Download Leaflet Barbell Bar Collars


These simple but effective collars are designed for safety, and ensures that weight plates do not come off olympic bars during use. This is a must have in any gym using olympic bars.  Body-Solid uses the highest quality steel, to create spring collar clips that clamp reliably on the bar, won’t slide during a workout and have a longer shelf life than many less affordable collars on the market.

These collars allow users super-fast weight plate changes.

Note: All collars are sold per pair.


Screw Collars, Clip Collars, Olympic Spring Collars, Olympic Lock Jaw Collar Pro

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