Get FitatSea is the Maritime Health Program where your crew will Get Fit at Sea! Choose your own goals and design your workout schedule and nutrition plan. Set challenges and compete against your colleagues for Fit points. Join FitGroups and discuss with other members on trainings methods, share your nutrition tips and find members with the same mind set.
70 percent of the people want to exercise more, but have little motivation to do it. Get FitatSea will help you set goals, create tailored exercise and nutrition plans, and monitor your progress. This accountability keeps you focused and on track. The mobile app makes it possible to bring your trainer with you wherever you go. No more excuses!


This is how it works:


1.Exercise-History Sign up with the Subscription Form on the website and log in to your personal page on the Get FitatSea platform.



2. Body-Metrics Fill in your body metrics. Here you can keep track of your progress throughout the program.


3. Training-Plans Design your personal training program: choose your goal, equipment, current personal fitness level and training days. You will receive a tailor madeworkout schedule in your activity calendar.


4. Nutrition-Plan Design your personal nutrition plan: fill in your personal data, choose your goal and get your plan.


5. Nutrition-Group Keep track of the calories you burn by adding the workouts you completed. Keep track of the calories you eat by keeping the nutrition diary.


6. Leaderboard Set challenges for yourself, your colleagues or members from other ships. Compete against each other or try to achieve a goal together.


Get FitatSea is a totally new personal training experience. The interactive part makes getting fit fun! See your direct results on your personal page and get motivated to keep on going.

Set up your personal page online and download the app on your smartphone. If your activity calendar is synchronized on the mobile app you can also use this feature offline. Take your Personal Trainer to your own gym and check your exercises as done. When your phone is online the app will automatically synch all activities.

get fitatsea

Are you ready to get fit?! Fill in the subscription form and start your new personal training experience.